Women and Families Resource Centre

The Women & Families Resource Centre (WFRC) supports, empowers and advocates for women and children.

Based in Wolverhampton, their main aim is to facilitate the integration of women into the community whilst empowering them to identify their own needs, create their own solutions and make their own choices so that they have lasting improvements to the quality of their life.

The ‘Sisters With Heart’ befriending project supports women who are dealing with challenging situations such as isolation and loneliness, domestic violence, immigration issues, bereavement, serious illness, break down in family relationships, depression, and alcohol abuse. It offers friendship and practical help, signposting to advice and support services and works to encourage social and community involvement.

Kerry from IF says...

When we visited The Women & Families Resource Centre we couldn’t help but be drawn in by the energy and dynamism of the staff and volunteers. They themselves have overcome tough and challenging situations, and are passionate about helping other women achieve their full potential and become active members of the wider community.

Women and Families Resource Centre