Vox Liminis

Vox Liminis works within the criminal justice system in Scotland, using creative arts and music-making to build stronger relationships between prisoners, the families, and ultimately the wider community. 

The arts can often enable people to discover their voice, express their stories and think differently about themselves. This can be particularly helpful for those prisoners who struggle to engage in other rehabilitative activity. As well as helping individual prisoners to engage with this process, Vox Liminis works to help others hear those stories and engage with them, brokering new conversations around the process of rehabilitation and re-integration of prisoners into the community. 

One of the projects run by Vox Liminis is 'Distant Voices', a series of collaborative workshops where prisoners work alongside professional musicians to write songs that express elements of their personal stories. As well as the impact on the prisoners themselves,  the sharing of those stories can create an emotional bridge between prisoners and the wider community, helping create an awareness that people in prison, while removed from society, are fathers, sons, mothers: people like us. In this way, Vox Liminis are opening up new perspectives and challenging the wider community to engage with the complexities of the justice system in a new way.

Diane from IF says...

We were drawn to Vox Liminis by the multi-faceted approach that they take to the rehabilitation process, working to create understanding and dialogue between prisoners, their families, those involved in the criminal justice system and the wider community. They are passionate about bringing new perspectives and hope, not just to individuals but within the whole system, and we’re really impressed by the impact that they have already had in this area.