Top: Action from a televised rugby match.

Above: Women's Boxing course in Brixton.

Left: Team talk with Scott Quinnell & Will Greenwood and Sky TV crew, Glasgow 2013.

School of Hard Knocks

School of Hard Knocks uses physically and mentally challenging sports such as rugby and boxing to help participants grow in confidence, citizenship, self-belief and personal discipline as they journey towards employment or further education.

We run programmes for adults and for young people who are at risk of exclusion from education. The constant factor is our methodology – controlled confrontation, challenging activities and a constant affirmation of self-worth and motivation.We help participants to gain confidence and motivation, take personal responsibility for their actions and their lives, and re-engage with employment or education. 

Diane from IF says...

SoHK were one of our first partners and we've enjoyed seeing the organisation grow and begin to impact many more participants. Their own journey as a charity has been one of highs and lows, facing up to challenges and finding ways to overcome hurdles and it is great to see that their work is becoming more recognised. We've learnt a lot from partnering with them and are excited to see what is to come!