Top: Opening day at the new community café


Sedbergh Community Café 

The Sedbergh Community Café is a new venture hosted by the Sedbergh Community Centre in Odsall, Bradford. 

The Centre has a long history of running activities and groups for the local community, and the vision for the Community Café has grown out of a desire to meet some growing needs in the locality, particularly for the jobless and the older members. With a high level of unemployment in the local area, the café will act as a hub for those wanting help with job searches, CV writing interview skills and PC skills, and it will also be an open meeting space where people can come to socialize and meet new friends and access other resources that the centre has to offer.

Diane from IF says...

The Sedbergh Centre is a great facility for the local community, but its real treasure is the team that run it. They are passionate about breaking down barriers, building relationships across different groups and helping people to feel welcome and at home. They have been through some tough times keeping the dream alive over the last few years, but their passion to serve the community and their amazing determination has paid dividends. We’re excited by the launch of the café and look forward to seeing it develop.