Our partners

Our story is woven from our partners' stories as, together, we imagine new possibilities...


The b.friend project provides support for asylum seekers and refugees through befriending and mentoring.  Read more >

Bike Back

Bike Back is an initiative of Life Cycle UK run in partnership with two prisons – HMP Bristol and HMP Stocken to help prisoners build confidence, self-esteem, and employability skills through bicycle mechanics.  Read more >

Canaan Project

Canaan Project is a youth-work project working with marginalised girls and young women in Tower Hamlets to help them flourish, broaden their horizons and raise their aspirations. Read more >


Clynfyw CIC is a care farm based in Cardigan, Wales. It provides day service provision for a wide range of vulnerable people including those with learning disabilities, mental health issues, carers, siblings of disabled children and other vulnerable individuals. Read more >

Craft Aid International

Craft Aid International enables, empowers and supports people with disabilities to meet their full potential, through therapeutic craft activities and social enterprise, in the UK and the developing world. Read more >

Families Outside

Families Outside is an Edinburgh-based charity that exists to support the families of people involved in the criminal justice system. Read more >

Free to be Kids

Free to be Kids supports children & young people who are struggling with social or emotional difficulties and helps create lasting change for vulnerable children's emotional health.. Read more >


Handcrafted is born out of a desire to see people who are disadvantaged due to crime, alcohol or substance abuse, unemployment, ill health or old age making a positive step and becoming active members of the community again.   Read more >

LS14 Trust

LS14 Trust is working to revitalise the huge Seacroft estate and the surrounding locality, creating new opportunities for residents and increasing the sense of pride in the area. Read more >

Monty's Community Hub

Monty’s Community Hub has grown up as a grassroots response to the closure of the local youth centre. From its very inception it has been focussed on asking the local residents what they want and need to help the community to flourish. Read more >

Music in Detention

Music In Detention works with immigration detainees, bringing them together with professional musicians and local communities to share, create and enjoy music, enabling often-ignored voices to be heard in new ways.  Read more >

My Life My Choice

My Life My Choice is a self-advocacy organisation run by and for people with learning difficulties in Oxfordshire.  Read more >


Orts is a new community - a diverse collective who gather to share skills and resources, using orts (scraps and leftovers) to learn, share, play, grow and create wonder out of waste. Read more >

Out of Character

Out of Character is a theatre company of artists and performers comprising of people who use or have used mental health services. Read more >

Paradise Co-operative

The Paradise Co-operative is an urban farming initiative engaged in transformation of our local community through the subject of food. Read more >


As Durham's branch of The Real Junk Food Project, REfUSE divert food destined for waste and use it instead to build community.. Read more >

Roots Coffee Community

Roots coffee shop and multi-use community space aims to be a place that is open to all, equipping, empowering and encouraging our local community to develop its potential through such things as creative arts, life skills, health & wellbeing, family values, and friendship. Read more >

Sedbergh Community Café

The Sedbergh Community Café is a new venture hosted by the Sedbergh Centre in Odsall, Bradford.  Read more >

School of Hard Knocks

School of Hard Knocks is a young charity that uses physically and mentally challenging sports such as rugby and boxing to help participants grow in confidence, citizenship, self belief and personal discipline as they journey towards employment or further education. Read more >

The Voice Hub

The Voice Hub is a volunteer-led community space, in Newport, Wales, for people in recovery from drug and alcohol issues.  Read more >


Thrive is a team of youth workers and volunteers who have moved into Barton, an area of deprivation in Oxford, to support disadvantaged young people.  Read more >

Touch Network

Touch Network is a not-for-profit organisation that celebrates real life stories of everyday people who are overcoming personal struggles in their lives.  Read more >

Vox Liminis

Vox Liminis works within the criminal justice system in Scotland, using creative arts and music-making to build stronger relationships between prisoners, their families, and ultimately the wider community. Read more >

The Women and Families Resource Centre

The Women & Families Resource Centre (WFRC) supports, empowers and advocates for women and children.  Read more >