At Imagine Foundation, we love meeting people who are following their passion to build community, creating a place of belonging and together becoming more than the sum of the individuals within it. Liane is one of those people, and Orts is one of those communities.

Liane from Orts says… As part of my training I had the privilege of a placement with a project working alongside women in the sex industry. Their stories revealed how useless and unvalued they felt. Rather than be part of another service or project for them, a few like-minded people have begun meeting to sew, and inviting these vulnerable women to join us. Together we are called Orts, and we have worked on this definition of Orts together:

“Orts is a diverse collective who gather to share skills and resources, using orts (scraps and leftovers) to learn, share, play, grow and create wonder out of waste”.

We also explore how, even though sometimes we feel like scraps and leftovers (orts), together our lives have the potential to be beautiful.

We have sew many possibilities!

Steve from IF says...

We met Liane when the Orts community was still just a dream of hers, and we were captivated by her passion to create a place of belonging that will enable the women involved to grow in confidence and self-worth. We’ve followed her progress as she has gathered a team and the resources to start a pilot project and we’re thrilled that she is now able to turn her dream into reality.