So, what's been happening lately?

Straight from the horse's mouth...

Our partners having been passing on very useful tips and advice that would help other projects at a similar stage in development. You can find out some of this tips on our Conversations page here

New partnerships

We're delighted to have developed several more partnerships over the last few months - you can find out about them on Our Partners page here

Roots bakes up some business!

After an amazing collective effort transforming a derelict building into fantastic coffee shop and community meeting place, the team at Roots finally threw the doors open and started business. The coffee’s tasty, the cakes are scrummy and the welcome is warm and friendly, so if you’re in Gloucester go and visit this brilliant team – they are at 69A, Alvin Street.

School of Hard Knocks tackles new challenges!

It’s been a busy time for SoHK as they have recently launched a Schools project in three London schools, started filming a new course with Sky in Cardiff and have been chosen by O2 to deliver 3 of their RWC2015 ‘touch 24’ projects in London, Birmingham and Manchester. It’s a really exciting time in their journey and we’re really looking forward to seeing how all of these strands develop.

Scoot 66 working out!

When North Liverpool Academy opened Scoot 66 they hoped that the work and business experience it offered would be useful in helping students find employment. We’re delighted that this has already proved the case, as Frances, one of the initial participants in the project, has been employed as an apprentice motorcycle mechanic at Revolution Scooters.

New partnerships.

We're very excited to have recently developed partnerships with a number of different organisations and will be posting more details on the Partners pages in the coming weeks.

SOHK about to hit our screens!

The brilliant work of School of Hard Knocks has been documented multiple times by Sky Sports, with a televised series once a year. This year's series was filmed in Moseley and is being broadcast from Fri 12th Sept on Sky Sports 2.

Families Outside

Families Outside have expanded the number of courses available for teachers to understand the impact on children and young people of having a family member in prison. Here is a story that has come out of their work:

'We took a group of teachers into HMP Edinburgh last month, and one of them had a boy in his class whose dad is there. His teacher realised that it would be helpful for this boy to make his course choices for next year (our equivalent of GCSEs) with his dad, and arranged a meeting for the three of them.

'My colleague called me afterwards in tears saying that it was one of the most moving interactions she had experienced. The boy was thrilled his Dad had been involved and now wanted to go to Uni. The Dad has now changed his view on what his son should be doing and supports the Uni plan. The school is going to let the children go on special visits from time to time because they realise how important it is to reconnect these families.'

Here is a video called 27,000 voices made with some young people who have a parent in prison, giving the children a voice which really shows how important this programme is.


Scoot 66 at North Liverpool Academy racing forward.

SCOOT66, North Liverpool Academy's racing team shop is building up business and providing valuable work experience for students. We've recently helped them purchase an automatic tyre changer as the manual one was too slow and seriously hard work!

Women's boxing is a knock-out success!

School of Hard Knocks started running their first women's boxing course in January and it has proved to be a big hit with several participants already crediting the programme for helping them find employment.

Scoot 66 open for business

The Scoot 66 shop at North Liverpool Academy has been developed and is getting ready to launch!

It has been a fantastic racing season for the NLA students who have recently been awarded trophies for 1st & 2nd place in the Straightliners championship.

New partnership

We have recently formed a new partnership with Oxford City Council's Youth Ambition project, which is aimed at empowering young people in disadvantaged areas of the city to make positive changes within their communities. Read more >