Top: Gaining the confidence to travel independently can open up all sorts of adventures!

Above: The Travel  Buddy Game

Left: Some of the MLMC team


My Life My Choice

My Life My Choice is a self-advocacy organisation run by and for people with learning difficulties in Oxfordshire. 

They work to support people with learning disabilities to take control of their lives in order to make a positive contribution. They run a number of support groups and activities, one of which is the Travel Buddy Scheme. This partners those who are not yet confident to travel on their own with a mentor. Over time they are learning how to use public transport. Being able to travel independently opens up new opportunities for taking part in social activities and for employment, so it can have a really big impact on an individual. 

Phil from IF says...

We were very taken by My Life My Choice‘s long history of promoting self-advocacy amongst learning-disabled people, and as an organisation they have a lot to offer in terms of showing how those with learning disabilities can shape solutions to some of the specific issues that they face. The Travel Buddy scheme is a simple, replicable idea that has the potential to transform an individual’s life by helping them to confidently travel further afield and we’re really keen to see it grow.