Music in Detention

Music In Detention works with immigration detainees, bringing them together with professional musicians and local communities to share, create and enjoy music, enabling often-ignored voices to be heard in new ways.

Music In Detention believes that working through music can give immigration detainees a powerful way to voice their feelings, concerns and hopes. We also believe that music can help break down barriers of prejudice about immigration and asylum, so we work with communities local to detention centres to create music in response to detainees and their stories. Our musicians go back and forth between the two, allowing songs, ideas, experiences, lyrics and instrumental tracks to be shared. We enable all who participate to get involved in the creative process and make music that speaks to everyone. These links are a key part of developing understanding and empathy between those who are detained and those who live locally.

Diane from IF says...

Music in Detention plays an important role not just in improving the well-being of detainees but also in changing perceptions and building understanding in the wider community. We were particularly impressed at this holistic approach and the opportunities that it provides to create new conversations around the refugee and asylum seeker issues.


Music in Detention