Monty's Community Hub

Monty's Community Hub has grown up as a grassroots response to the closure of the local youth centre. From its very inception it has been focussed on asking the local residents what they want and need to help the community to flourish. 

As a result, Monty’s is building teams of volunteers to provide youth and children’s activities and also to offer the wider community capacity-building opportunities such as cookery classes, job club, training on CV writing and debt advice.

The hub is gradually becoming the place where residents can gather to catalyse new ideas to improve their community, as well as a place where they can meet new people, volunteer and become more involved in serving one another.

Kerry from IF says...

The team at Monty’s have had to overcome a lot of obstacles even to get started, but they have showed real determination along the way. While some projects would have been thrown off by delays waiting for decisions beyond their control, Monty’s have used that time to build partnerships and sow the vision for the Hub across the community. We are excited to see how things develop now that they can really move forwards.