Lippy People

Lippy People is a video storytelling charity that seeks to affect positive personal and social change by supporting people to share experiences, develop their creative skills and test out and share creative solutions to the challenges they face.

Still from a Lippy People video

We understand that a well-told story can have a profound impact on the teller, as well as the audience. We are proud to have helped thousands of people and social purpose organisations to share their lives, experiences and ideas with local, regional, national and international audiences. This has led us to exploring themes as diverse as social impact & enterprise, bereavement, economic well-being, health, education, regeneration, citizen voice, social and criminal justice, culture, community, diversity, and many more. Many of our video stories are used within learning settings to support deeper understanding and within broader leadership and change-making environments.

Still from a Lippy People video

Diane from IF says...

We were intrigued by the ripple effects of Lippy People's work. They enable people to share the stories that matter to them – some of which may never have been told before. They give those who often don't have a voice a chance to speak up, and to be heard by a wider group of people, which can help to break down barriers, start conversations and promote inclusion. And by creating a bank of stories they create the potential for learning around how people use their lived experiences to support their own needs and the needs of others.