Inside Out

Based at St. Peter's in the City of Derby, the Inside Out community connects men and women leaving prison and resettling to Derby, both prior to release and on release.

Our aim is to empower participants to make healthier life choices, develop self-worth, find purpose and meaning, and contribute more productively to society. We work with individuals to identify and unlock potential, engaging with areas such as confidence building, values, emotions, attitudes and behaviours. We provide opportunities for work placements and through our mentoring programme we offer support with accommodation needs, preparing for work / education and seeking and sustaining employment.

We also offer a weekly programme of group activities and shared meals in order to reduce isolation and build a supportive community to enable those at risk of offending or re-offending to break out of destructive patterns and cycles.

Steve from IF says...

We were very impressed by the partnership approach taken by the Inside Out team in designing their programme. They have connected with a number of other local organisations to share expertise and to offer practical support in education, housing and employment.

Inside Out