Grow exists to inspire hope and unlock potential in 16-24 year olds. We do this through delivering an eight-week employment programme that integrates coaching with work experience.

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Our aim is to support young people in navigating the recruitment process and accessing the world of work. Our approach focuses on the soft skills that are a key ingredient to thriving at work, such as working well with others, handling conflict and managing personal motivation.

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Most of the young people we work with will not have had a consistent role model who has demonstrated the attitude and/or lifestyle needed to sustain employment. They may lack self-confidence and have little or no experience of work, and many of them are at risk of long-term unemployment. The programme has been developed to build confidence in each young person and through coaching to gradually extend and stretch the young person's comfort zone.

Diane from IF says...

We engaged with Grow as they were developing a pilot project, and we are keen to see how an intervention at this point can help vulnerable young people to raise their aspirations and unlock their potential.