Craft Aid International

Craft Aid International enables, empowers and supports people with disabilities to meet their full potential, through therapeutic craft activities and social enterprise, in the UK and the developing world.

Craft Aid International Downs Syndrome craft activity - IF Trust

Based in Yorkshire, they run free weekly craft workshops for differently-able adults in the community, and also run workshops for long-term hospital inpatients. This provides vital opportunities for people with disabilities to get out of their care homes or hospital beds, increase their social interaction, make new friends and learn new skills in a caring, supportive and creative environment.

CAI sell many of the items made at craft fairs and events, giving participants the opportunity to meet the public, demonstrate their skills, talents and abilities, and also to raise funds to help support projects for people with disabilities in the developing world, where there is little or no government support.

Craft Aid International Downs Syndrome craft activity - IF Trust

The overseas projects are modelled on Neema Crafts in Tanzania. This was started by Craft Aid International's founder, Susie Hart, and has developed into a self-sustaining social enterprise run by local people which transforms the lives of people with disabilities living in poverty, through handicrafts training and employment opportunities.

Craft Aid International Activity with young man - IF Trust

Kerry from IF says...

Susie's passion to empower differently-able people to fulfil their potential shines through all aspects of Craft Aid International's work. While we are supporting their UK work directly, it's great to know that the benefits of this work are rippling out to communities in developing countries, and enabling more lives to be transformed as a result.