Top: A job well done by members of the Wheelie Good Idea team



Clynfyw CIC is a care farm based in Cardigan, Wales. It provides day service provision for a wide range of vulnerable people including those with learning disabilities, mental health issues, carers, siblings of disabled children and other vulnerable individuals.

Clynfyw uses the countryside and natural environment as an eco-therapy tool for personal development, learning, fun, community engagement and social gain. Participants can join in a number of activities and enterprises, such as community gardening, growing food, cooking community meals, juicing apples, making charcoal and refurbishing wheelchairs and mobility aids for use by partner projects in Africa

All activities are linked to training pathways so that participants can gain accredited qualifications, but the main focus is on day-to-day achievement to boost self-esteem and self-worth while helping others. The range of activities on offer means that there is something for everyone to engage in, whatever their level of capability.


Steve from IF says...

The team at Clynfyw is brilliant at using the resources that they have to develop meaningful outcomes-based activities for their participants, and adapting these to suit the specific needs of each individual. They are building strong partnerships in the local community to enhance the support that they can offer. We’re really impressed by their multi-faceted approach and the opportunities that it gives for participants to contribute to the development of the work at Clynfyw.