Top: Canaan Project gets crafty.

Above: Team building can be challenging but always fun!

Left: Learning culinary skills in the kitchen.

Canaan Project

Canaan Project is a youth work project working with marginalised girls and young women in Tower Hamlets to help them flourish, broaden their horizons and raise their aspirations.

We use a range of activities from one-to-one mentoring and small groups that help them develop the personal resources to manage themselves and their relationships well, to after-school clubs and residential trips that offer them opportunities to try new things, develop new interests and skills, and gain confidence.

Our partnership with Imagine Foundation is going to help significantly in funding our planned programme this year as well as enabling us to develop new activities, increasing the opportunities we are able to offer and the number of girls we can work with.

Kerry from IF says...

Canaan Project have a history of providing youth work in areas where there previously was none and in building partnerships with other community groups. We were impressed by their willingness to take a risk and start a new project for girls and young women based on their research into the specific needs of this particular group. We were also drawn to the holistic vision they have for enabling the young women to flourish. Community building and empowerment are vital to the success of this vision and we were keen to help Canaan Project develop their programme of activities and offer more opportunities to explore these aspects of their work.