The b.friend  project provides support for asylum seekers and refugees through befriending and mentoring.

Based in Bristol, b.friend was started by Sam Sayer to help to address the loneliness and isolation that many refugees and asylum seekers experience.They have often been separated from friends and family, have lost their sense of belonging to a community and are faced with a lot of uncertainties about their future.

As part of their work, b.friend has started a craft collective for asylum-seeking and refugee women. This gives them an opportunity to share their skills and learn new ones, express themselves creatively, build friendships and become an integral part of a nurturing community.

Diane from IF says...

Sam is passionate about helping refugees and asylum seekers to find a place of belonging again where they can build friendships and contribute their skills and expertise. We know from our partnership with Orts that working together on crafts can help to build that sense of community and belonging. We are keen to see how b.friend and Orts each develop and what they can learn from one another.